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About Me

Hi, I’m Onyichii but you can call me Onyi!

Online my persona is a personified magical dark cloud (or a magical nebula) but in reality, I’m a Nigerian-American with a degree in VFX, who doesn’t work in VFX. Instead, I’m a comic creator and an illustrator.

I have always enjoyed consuming art in the form of comics, animation, and illustration, and knew I at a young age that I wanted to be an artist. It wasn’t until I discovered manga that I had an inkling of what kind of artist I wanted to be. I did change from comic artist to animation but when I came back to comics I felt like I’ve definitely found where I belong.

I’m mostly self-taught when it comes to drawing but I have had a few drawing classes. When it comes to creative writing, I’m still a novice but I hope to improve with practice and study.

Aside from drawing and dreaming up new stories, I also enjoy traveling, nature photography, awkwardly meeting other illustrators, eating dried mangoes, watching comedic dramas, reading comics, baking, petting cute random dogs on the street, and other stuff

Right now, I’m working on my first mature comic series, Pippa & Levi. You can read it on Webtoon Canvas or Tapas

Where to find me online?

My Digital Art Tools

2009 Wacom Cintiq
Razer Keypad
Xp Pen Remote

Clip Studio Paint
Paint Tool Sai (Rare use)

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