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Pippa & Levi

Pippa & Levi

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Drama

Age: Mature (18+)

Status: In Production

Thanks to a stolen gift and a little divine intervention, fate brings together a vampire and a merman. What will this chance encounter lead towards and why were they brought together?

Pippa & Levi is a story about learning to love after loss and finding closure or even accepting you may never get the closure you desire. It’s a story that helps me explore some of my own thoughts and experiences with grief and self-blame. The story is meant to be less than 70 chapters long. 

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This series contains mature/sexual themes. These themes are prohibited on Webtoon/Tapas but can be read on Patreon. You must be 18 years old and up to access

Art of Pippa & Levi


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